Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Learning Disabilities

  • 1) "I am my position."

People fail to recognize their purpose as a part of the enterprise. Instead, they see themselves as an inconsequential part of a system over which they have little influence, leading them to limit themselves to the jobs they must perform at their own positions. This makes it hard to pinpoint the reason an enterprise is failing, with so many hidden 'loose screws' around.

  • 2) "The enemy out there."
  • 3) The Illusion of Taking Charge
  • 4) The Fixation of Events

The tendency to see things as results of short-term events undermines our ability to see things on a grander scale. Cave men needed to react to events quickly for survival. However, the biggest threats we face nowadays are rarely sudden events, but slow, gradual processes, such as environmental changes.

  • 5) The Parable of the Boiled Frog
  • 6) The Delusion of Learning from Experience
  • 7) The Myth of the Management Team
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