Saturday, May 23, 2009


Business and technology are now inextricably linked. Today, e-business is just business, a real business.

There are no technology decisions that are not business decisions, and there are no business decisions today that don't involve technology, according to Jim Cassidy, IBM's Director Asia-Pacific.

Business processes must not only incorporate timely company information – for improved customer relationship management, supply chain management, and beyond, they must also be kept up-to-date with fast-changing business needs. E-business facilitating these processes is the way most business soon will be transacted. Whether or not you ever plan to sell products or services over the Web, your most important customer or supplier may one day insist upon using Web for all transaction.

The fastest growing companies are moving aggressively to bring e-business into all their operations. They align their systems with their fast-changing business priorities and use these systems strategically, for growth. In addition, successful businesses are employing information technology to gather and interpret data about their ultimate customers, including demographics, trends, and buying behavior.

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