Thursday, May 21, 2009

Characteristic of Mental Model

Mental model is generally:

  • found on hardly qualifiable, impugnable, obscure, or incomplete facts
  • Flexibility - is considerably variable in positive as well as in negative sense
  • effects as information filter - causes selective perception , perception of us only selected parts of information
  • compared with the complexities surrounding the world is very limited and even when the model is extensive and in accordance with a certain reality in the derivation of logical consequences of it we are very limited. We must take into account such as restrictions on working memory - ie. well-known rule on the maximum number of elements that we are suddenly able to remember, gestaltismus or failure of the principles of logic, etc.
  • source of information, which can not find anywhere else are available at any time and can be used, if other routes are possible, which is linked with the fact that it is not always clearly understood by the other and the process of interpretation can be interpreted in different ways

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