Saturday, May 23, 2009

The 4 Most Deadly Words

There are 4 words that are so deadly, that if you are using them, it almost guarantees you will not be nearly as successful as you want to be.

The Wheel of Personal Success

If you use these 4 words it practically prevents you from being successful. What are they?

"I already know that."

Why are they the 4 most deadly?

Because as soon as you start to think you know everything it closes off your mind, even to the things you don't know.

And it makes it practically impossible to learn new things, grow your awareness, achieve greater successes and breakthroughs.

It keeps you stuck where you are currently at in life, holds you back and may even cause your failure.

And it is a completely ego based mindset. You would rather think you are smart and know everything rather than be open to learning and growing.

Always look to learn from anybody or any situation.

Remove the words "I already know that" from your vocabulary when you go to meetings or seminars, and you'll always end up leaving with stacks of amazing ideas. Not only from what was presented, but all the ideas that are triggered from what people say. By having that open mind it not only allows you to learn new things, but also allows you to think of new ways to use what they are talking about with my business. Or completely new ideas in general.

So what about the things you do already know?

Great question. Let me use an actual example.

Recently the movie The Secret came out. When I started to watch it, you learn early on it is about the Law of Attraction. I already know a lot about that and I could use the 4 Deadly Words and continue to watch it with that closed mindset.

Instead I had the mindset of, "what new things can I learn from this?" They might not be life changing discoveries I make, but even just small subtle enhancements can produce amazing results over the long term.

And I did learn a lot of great new things. I ended up with several pages of notes.

And you know what... that feels great to walk away from something knowing more than you did before. Having new discoveries.

It feels considerably better than walking away thinking I already knew what he was going to be talking about.

Different Effects For Different People.

This shows itself in several different ways.

On the positive... look at anybody who is very successful over the long term, a constant with all of them is their desire to always be learning. They definitely don't have the "I Already Know That" mindset.

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