Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Strategic Management School of Thought

Old poetic story by John Godfrey Saxe, "THE BLIND MEN AND THE ELEPHANT" is very different in its sense. It is talking about six blinds and their visit to see elephant. Although they can't see but they can feel just by touch it. Everyone who touches elephant assume according to his experience. The one who touched teeth can say that elephant is like the sharp and smooth long piped thing, other who touched the belly might say elephant is like the big roof and other who touched the trunk might say elephant is like the snake.

As a result according to Hennary Mintzbarg, we are the blind people and strategy formation is our elephant. Since no one has had the vision to see the entire beast, everyone has grabbed hold of some part or other and "railed on in utter ignorance" about the rest. We certainly do not get an elephant by adding up its parts. An elephant is more than that. Yet to comprehend the whole we also need to understand the parts. Same with the strategy is not just doing SWAT, analyze industry analysis, and pluck one best option from generic full blown strategies. It is certainly more than this. According to strategic philosophers, strategies are neither tailored nor readymade; they are there and then according to the context.

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