Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Managing Human Resource

Always unique Human Resources Managing plans to the specific needs of your organization. Because human are the most important part of organization they are the one who take the profits for owners. So their management through selection till retirement should be the most emphasized topic. Their selection criteria and requirement shows your commitment for key priorities.

Continues relations and the trusty friendly environment for them always motivate them and then they will give you the best of their efforts. And not just for one time life time relaxation to employees give you their life time employment as in Japanese culture. As Peter Drucker, father on management said that you can do nothing with just your resources except than human resources. But you can do anything with just human resources even if you have not anything else. So clear job descriptions, proper motivation planes of health care job security children education planes are the entire tools boost up the employee efficiency. Give them training along with the changes in the work techniques and also provide them carrier consultancy also can improve their quality of work. In the end it necessary to say that humans are who made organizations successful so give them respects in the result they will give you the how much output that you will surprise.

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