Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Human being is a combine production of mother and father. He was not alone. He lives in cities, make societies, some rules to live peacefully. Cities, civic civil society all are metaphor of civilizations. Another most used metaphor is culture. Share values, ethics and rules of living combined them in a culture. For the time being cultures goes stronger they create art, show progress in education, develop their languages and rituals to worship the God. This big picture is often called as civilizations. Normally a single civilization contain many countries like Islamic and some time even in a same country or region there are the shades of more than one civilizations.

In the history at the different times under the rule of different rulers civilizations also were different. Every civilization has its own differences as Buddhism believe on collective the Hinduism teaches about the ascots. But now emerging world in global village civilizations are also going to intermix. They are fighting the war for survival of their deep rooted basic values. That’s another complete topic that how one's value clash with other. At this time the recent research says that in the world now just seven civilizations remain.

  • Western (US, EU, Jews)
  • Islamic (ME, SA)
  • Orthodox/Christians (Russia, East Europe)
  • Hindu (India)
  • SINIC/Buddha (Japan, China, Confucius)
  • Latin America
  • Africa

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