Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Management Learning

Learning is an unconscious phenomena of mind.  It's a kind of intuitional thinking that needs knowledge, rational experiences, strong five senses but also vision beyond the boundary of these senses.  In the 7000 years of history start from the Egyptian era there are many examples of learning, we found the first written documents about this phenomena. That first man was Socrates, who worked on societal science in his fictional society in "The Republican". That was all about management of political economic system. So no doubt Socrates was the management master.  Then as the time passed developed management was going on through Aristotle, Plato and also other names of BC philosophers. But now in 21st century, learning and management are the same also. Learning organizations and the organizational management are the leading topics of business management.  Strategic management came from military (extracted by Sun Tzu, Michael Porter) as well as project management came from the early engineer's (Fredrick Taylor) efforts.  So today, it's a great challenge for every manager to deal with all learning streams of management knowledge to get competitive advantage. 

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